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مذكرات السنة 1 ثانوي في مادة الانجلش , مذكرات الانجليزي اولى ثانوي 2018

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  • مذكرات السنة 1 ثانوي في مادة الانجلش , مذكرات الانجليزي اولى ثانوي 2018
    مذكرات السنة 1 ثانوي في مادة الانجلش , مذكرات الانجليزي اولى ثانوي 2018

    مذكرات الانجليزى اولى ثانوى
    اعداد مستر احمد فاضل
    Nabawiya Musa is famous because she was the first Egyptian woman to go to high school. When she became older she helped other women to succeed in education and work. In 1908, she wrote a book about girls’ education. Later she became the headmistress of Al-Mohammadia school for girls’.
    Dr Zahi Hawass is one of the most famous archaeologists in the world. He often speaks on radio and television. He sometimes writes in a magazine called “Egypt Today”. He wants to bring ancient things back to Egypt from museums outside Egypt. Egyptian people don't see these things if they are in other countries. Dr Hawass would like the Rosetta Stone to be in Egypt.It only rains every 20-50 years in the Western Desert. However, two million years ago very heavy rain fell there and a huge quantity of water collected under the desert sand. Today, we need this water and the person we have to thank for finding it is one of Egypt's most famous men, Dr Farouk El-Baz.
    Dr Farouk El-Baz, who is a space scientist and a geologist, is the Director of Remote Sensing at Boston University in the USA. He is the world's greatest expert in remote sensing: the use of satellites to find water under deserts. Underground water was found in the Western Desert and in Sinai thanks to photographs which he took from satellites.

    From 1967 to 1973, Dr El-Baz, worked on the American Apollo space project, which landed men on the moon. He gave advice on where the astronauts should land, and told them how to collect rocks and soil on the moon. Dr EI-Baz was born in Zagazig in 1938 and was educated at Ain Shams University.
    In January 2007, Egypt's internationally famous squash player, Ramy Ashour, won an important championship in Canada. But what do we know about this young man?
    Ramy was born in Cairo in September, 1987. At the age of 16, he became the youngest player to win the Men's World Junior Squash Championship. In 2006, he won the championship again. In the Hong Kong 2006 Championship, he was second. He lost to another Egyptian player, Amr Shabana. Ramy's older brother, Hisham Ashour, is also an expert squash player


    1-Work – job – occupation – career - profession-post
    1-Work (is what you do to earn money ) a شغل –عمل(اسم لايعد) ولا تجمع ولا يأتي قبله
    Samy can't find work.
    2-job (the kind of work you do) وظيفة وهي اسم يمكن جمعه
     He got a job as a teacher.
    3-occupation(means official job)وظيفة وتستخدم في الأستمارات الحكومية مثلا
     Please fill in the form with, name and occupation.
    4-career (The job you do for most of your life)مهنة-عمل (حياة مهنية )
    His successful career began in 2001.
    5-profession (a job that needs special training and education)
    مهنة تحتاج لتعليم أو تدريب مثل (الطب/التدريس/المحاماة ----------------------)
    Teaching profession is very interesting and enjoyable.
    2-decide to + مصدر/ decide on + الشيء /decide that + جمله كاملة
    He decided to buy a new mobile.
    He decided on his goal.
    He decided that he would buy a car.
    3-apply for يتقدم بطلب وظيفة
    Apply toيتقدم لشخص أو شركة
    Apply in writingيتقدم كتابة لطلب وظيفة
    A lot of youth applied for the job.
    He will apply to her next week.
    5-proud of =take pride in فخور ب
    We all are proud of Dr Magdi Yacoub.
    6-arrive in + مكان كبير arrive at + مكان صغير
    reach + المكان get to + يصل لمكان بصعوبة
    Obama arrived in Cairo on Thursday.
    He arrived at Cairo Airport at 9 o'clock.
    He reached Cairo happily.
    We get to the station , at last.
    7-well known to + شخص معروف لدي)) well-known for مشهور ب
    The pyramids are well- known to all people.
    Ahmad is well- known for his courage.
    8-cause / reason
    1-فاعل + cause + مفعول + to + مصدر
    The flood caused the house to collapse.
    2-cause of = reason for= reason whyسبب /مبرر ل
    I don't know the cause of his absence.
    I don't know the reason for his absence.
    I don't know why he is absent.
    9-hard / hardly
    the exam was very hard. صعب
    wood is a very hard material . صلب
    He is a hard worker. مجد /مجتهد You must study hard. حال ومعناها بجد
    ملاحظه كلمة (hardly) معناها بالكاد/بصعوبة أو تقريبا لا شيء :
    I can hardly remember his name.
    There is hardly any sugar , we need some.

    Tape script (Listening Text)
    Woman 1 :
    I enjoy my work. The company trains us well and gives us a smart uniform to wear. It is very comfortable working in a modern building with air conditioning. People come here from all over the world- most of them don't speak Arabic, so I use my English a lot. It is important that I 'm friendly and efficient – that way they will probably come back again.
    Man :
    It is a hard job – working outside in the heat with the noise of heavy machines around you all the time. But I am proud to be helping to build a modern country. Our roads , bridges and dams will help to make Egypt richer , and that will be good for our children and our grandchildren.
    Woman 2 :
    My work is very exciting . Since I started the job two years ago I have met important people from all over the world. A trade delegation from Europe arrived in Egypt two weeks ago, so last week I was reporting on that story almost every day. I even met leaders of France and Germany. My report was headline news in our paper at the weekend. Yesterday, I was interviewing business leaders in Cairo.
    Woman 3 :
    I have wanted to do this kind of work since I saw my first computer at school. In my opinion, computers are magic and I've worked and played with them ever since that day at school.. Now I work for a well-known Egyptian company that writes computer programmes for important national and international companies . At the moment, I am doing a research on a computer programme for an Australian company.


    1-Respond to each of the following situation:
    1-A friend wants to know what job you would like to do when you leave school.
    2-A friend asks you why you want to be a doctor.
    3-A relative wants to know the best thing about your school.
    4-You ask a passer-by about the time.
    2-Say where this mini-dialogue takes place and who the speakers are:
    A : I have pain in my stomach.
    B : since when.
    A: yesterday.
    B: Let me examine you

    3-Choose the correct answer:
    1-The sun--------------------in the east.
    A – rise b-rises c-rose d-is rising
    2-He-------------on time for school.
    a-is always b-always is c– usually is d– never is
    3-He-----------------pictures at the moment.
    a- drew b-draws c-is drawing d-is being drawn
    4-My friend is not married, he is-----------------------
    a-single b-double c-return d-signal
    5-A-----------------is a person who carries out operations.
    a-teacher b-engineer c-oculist d-surgeon
    6-It is very hot here, please can you turn on the---------------------?
    a-heater b-oven c-air conditioning d-TV
    7-He never-------------------late at night.
    a- study b-studies c-studying d-studys
    8-Look ! the ship-----------------------
    a- sinks b-is sinking c-sunk d-sank

    9-After he-----------------------------, he will sleep.
    a- arrives b-had arrived c-arriving d-arrive
    10-When her daughter had a new baby, she became---------------
    a –grandfather b-grandmother c-grandchildren d-uncle
    11-----------------people should work in their 70s or 80s?
    a-Are you thinking b-You are thinking
    c-Do you thinking d-Do you think
    12-Our company will send a big---------------to the international meeting.
    a-group b-worker c-car d-delegation
    13 – A company send a -----------to speak for it at a meeting.
    a – delegation b – group c – team d – company
    14 – Police officers and nurses wear special-------------------
    a – shoes b – uniforms c – boots d – heads
    15 – We are proud ------------------our country.
    a – of b – to c – with d – by
    16 – A person who works for newspapers is a ----------------------
    a – teacher b – engineer c – reporter d – receptionist


    A)Translate into Arabic:
    All the Egyptians are proud of Dr Magdi Yacoub because he is a great heart surgeon who carried out a lot of serious operations all over the world.

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